Thinking Simple Changes Things



I Surrender

I Surrender I lay down. I let your infinite knowledge and wisdom envelope me, I turn my palms up to you. I trust you – Implicitly There is nothing I would not trust you with. I know you have my… Continue Reading →


Gratitude When I accept what is, I am free. Grateful for my circumstance and whatever that may be. No more personal pressure on what I think life should be. Instead a fearless happiness that everything is free. The feeling overwhelms… Continue Reading →

Before the Curtains Raise

Before the curtains raise. Such planning and detail has been placed upon your soul. The stage is set, purveyors seated. Script written with space to improvise. Actors agreed to play the many roles . Are you ready for your debut?… Continue Reading →

Creature of Limitations

Creature of Limitations What creature, so bountiful, would dream such fanciful adventure. What creature, would wound itself, to stop itself from catching its prey. What creature, would create boundaries unseen by its own eyes, yet place such emphasis on imagining… Continue Reading →

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