I’m writing because I have been told to. I don’t know what words will make it on to the page. I don’t know what to expect only that it will come…

…I feel like I am at a crossroads right now. I dearly want a book to unfold in front of me and a publisher to appear. One that it’s right for me. Who understands me and what I am trying to achieve.

I just have to expect it to happen unequivocally.

Sometimes people find it difficult to manifest because they think they know what they want, but actually they only have a thought of what they don’t want.

They don’t want to be bored, poor, unloved…..

What they aren’t doing is painting the picture of what they do want to see in their lives.

Painting a picture consists of many things, colours, textures, layers, feelings, emotions, perspective, depth, meaning. Only when the sum of these is put together do we see the bigger picture. And even then it is open for interpretation. And this is why it is so important to paint as an accurate picture as you could possibly imagine.

People that are unable to manifest the life of their dreams, tend to not have focus. How can you expect to manifest anything if you have no focus and intention behind it.

I urge you to write down your intentions, feel them. What would they look like, how would they look and feel if they were up there on the canvas, hanging on the wall for everyone to see.

Only when you have depth to your visions will they start to manifest just as you intended.

Thank you for reading my channelled post. They are my favourite kind…

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To Your Think Simple Life,

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