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Creature of Limitations

conocer hombres de canada Creature of Limitations What creature, so bountiful, would dream such fanciful adventure. What creature, would wound itself, to stop itself from catching its prey. What creature, would create boundaries unseen by its own eyes, yet place such emphasis on imagining… Continue Reading →

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Emotional Intelligence

go to link The ability to understand your own and other people’s emotions, is akin to being provided with a map of the world. What do I mean by this? I simply mean, when you understand what makes you think and feel in such a… Continue Reading →

Painting Pictures

Order Tastylia Oral Strip Online I’m writing because I have been told to. I don’t know what words will make it on to the page. I don’t know what to expect only that it will come… …I feel like I am at a crossroads right… Continue Reading →

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Listen to Your Body

nrg binary Your body is a great instrument to help you decide whether to take a particular action or make a certain decision. And whilst the rational mind can make decisions, the mind is often swayed by the Ego or other external… Continue Reading →

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Falling out of love with the Ego

watch Falling out of love with the Ego The Ego or ‘Egoic mind’ as Eckhart Tolle puts it. Is our false self. It is a self made up of ideas and thoughts, concepts and labels. I am female, male, short, tall,… Continue Reading →

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enter Intuition is the Free tuition you give yourself from the Inside. ~ Beth Hewitt. Intuition has the ability to change the direction of your life. Quite a profound notion for something that we cannot see and that we know so… Continue Reading →

Making a Decision Every now and again we are put in situations where we have to make a decision. Sometimes we place ourselves in these situations and other times they are thrust upon us. It is at these times that our resolve its… Continue Reading →

Staying Connected to Source Staying connected to source. First of all what do I mean by ‘Source’? There are countless books on the Law of Attraction, Universal Power, Religion, Faith and everything in between. I have read many books on the varying subjects, but have… Continue Reading →

What you have must unfold… “If you have it within you, it must unfold according to universal law” – Iyanla Vanzant What does this mean? I was watching an episode of Oprah.   It was a Super Soul Sunday episode with Iyanla Vanzant and Tony Robbins…. Continue Reading →

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