Every now and again we are put in situations where we have to make a decision. Sometimes we place ourselves in these situations and other times they are thrust upon us.

It is at these times that our resolve its tested. But in all scenarios, whether you are making a difficult our flippant choice, you can use the same principles in all situations.

But why is decision making is so difficult in the first place. The first is that we are forced to make a choice. This challenges our ego, ‘who’ may not wish to choose one thing over another.

When you make decisions, there are literally trillion and one possible outcomes. But you also have the choice to approach decision making in a more rational and methodical way.

1.  Accept the situation
2.  Change the situation
3.  Remove yourself from the situation

These are based on the theories of Eckhart Toole. But I would like to add if I may as fourth approach. That is…

4. Surrender to the situation

I’ll come to explaining what I mean by ‘surrender’ shortly. It may not be what you are thinking!!…Stay tuned.

Let us start with Acceptance.

We think acceptance means that we like it.

Not at all, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Acceptance simply means an acknowledgment of existence, and a peaceful understanding that it will continue to exist, and you will continue to be.

Acceptance does not mean you like it. It means you are choosing not to let it(situation, or otherwise) overtake you.

“To be against anything is to make its influence on your life, more powerful than it needs to be”

Sometimes it is a choice that is made for you; but other times you have the pleasure of choosing it yourself.

And sometimes that choice, might be to simply remove yourself from the situation.  We do not always have to choose to continue on the same path.

Or we could simply surrender to the situation.  Not in a weak, unconfident feeble way, but in a way that we accept that a situation is what it is.  No amount of contemplating, or anger, anguish, fear or worry, can change what will or will not be.  In these times I simply remember that everything is always as it should be.  That whenever there has been great upheaval in life, in time, the situation comes to pass.  That situation may have profound impact on us, but we always come through the other side.

And so to surrender is not to accept defeat, but to accept deep unequivocal knowing that everything is going to be alright.  Because it always is in the end.

Thank you for reading, have you ever had to make a decision, perhaps one you weren’t prepared for.  How did you deal with it?  Was it difficult and what did you learn from the experience.  If you feel able, please leave your comments below and share this post with those you think would like to hear the message too.

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