Your body is a great instrument to help you decide whether to take a particular action or make a certain decision. And whilst the rational mind can make decisions, the mind is often swayed by the Ego or other external factors; which makes the decisions we make, not always as straightforward as they should be.

But our body provides us with a layer of added intelligence that is incredibly accurate – if we just pay a little more attention to it.

We are quite adept at using our 5 senses on a day to day basis, we use them constantly to make instant decisions.

But sometimes, when the decision we need make is a little harder,  we somehow, seem to lose our magic powers

Feel – Your body tells you it’s unwise to place your hand over a kitchen hob – feeling the heat as the hand gets closer

See – You navigate busy roads by determining the direction and speed of the traffic.

Hear – A new mother can hear the sound of her newborn’s cry, understanding that her baby is tired, hungry or wet?

Smell – Your body smells the scent of gas, alerting you that your home may be unsafe.

Taste – You determine the food you eat at a restaurant is raw and needs sending back to the kitchen.

These are very basic functions that our body can perform instantly and with little thought. So, it stands to reason that we should be able to use our body to make harder decisions.

Listen to Your Body

Listen to Your Body

If you pay attention, you can use the way you feel inside to help you make decisions and it’s not as hard as you might think.  Start by asking a question that you know the answer to.

‘Should I stand outside in the rain all day’…

I hate being outside when it’s cold so I know what the answer is, but so does my rational mind and my body. Ask yourself a question and notice where you feel the answer.

Feelings in your stomach might be the easiest to spot. You’ll be familiar with the nerves you sometimes get before an interview, or when you go on a date.

You may know the feeling we refer to as ‘butterflies’ that fluttery feeling you get in your stomach. It’s a very real sensation and sometimes we experience them, but don’t even know what the reason is. But something feels uneasy and we are aware that something isn’t quite right.

The feeling isn’t made up, or random. It’s caused by the reduction of blood flow to the organ. The release of adrenaline, creating the ‘fight or flight’ response. Resulting in an increased heart rate and more blood being pumped to our muscles.

Other feelings you might experience are, clammy hands, a physical rash, a dry mouth a desire to cry. By contrast some feelings might be more positive, like excitement, giddiness, smiling, bouts of energy a need to run, jump or laugh.

Some of life’s decisions are hard. They might be life changing and they may affect other people too.  In these times, you may be frightened or unsure of what course of action to take.

But you CAN be certain that your body WILL….

….I was so unhappy in a job for a long time. My body was slow, my spirit was withdrawn, I often felt down, had no appetite, no desire to get up. I felt sick and had constant headaches. My body had been screaming at me for a long long time.

When you ignore life’s whispers the whispers, get louder and louder until they become impossible to ignore.

With each decision you make, open yourself to the lessons that are on offer. These lessons are your personal treasures that you get to keep in this lifetime (and the next too,  if you choose to.)

When you make big decisions, whether it is by choice or not, look within yourself.  Breathe deeply and trust what you feel. Listen to your inner guidance and let your personal wisdom lead you to living the life you are meant to experience

This is what I believe is the way to live the life you desire with complete passion, purpose and meaning.

How do you make important decisions, do you make decision based on facts, experience and rational thought – or do you play closer attention to what you feel inside?

If you feel able please share your thoughts with me in the comments section below and please share this post with others who you think will enjoy reading this too.

To Your Think Simple Life,

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