Intuition is the Free tuition you give yourself from the Inside. ~ Beth Hewitt.

Intuition has the ability to change the direction of your life. Quite a profound notion for something that we cannot see and that we know so little about.

Intuition is our internal compass guiding us to become our best evolutionary self. It is our very own internal Sat Nav (minus the annoying voice) guiding us and stopping us from going off track

(or perhaps just asking us to do a UTurn where possible!!)

The value therefore of intuition is priceless, yet society on the whole rejects the idea that something that cannot be seen or understood in its entirety could ever have the ability to make such significant life changing results.

If I were to ask a group of people in a room to describe their definitions and individual experiences of intuition, the results and answers would be far ranging. Intuition by its very nature is difficult to explain, because unless you were consciously aware in the very moment when intuition was being delivered to you, you would at most be describing only the memory of what you thought you had experienced!!

Deep huh!

Intuition is an instrument we can use to access universal knowledge, that is the sum of wisdom and experiences we have had before. If you believe as I do that we are ALL connected to source (the universe) then our ability to access the wisdom and knowledge of the universe expands exponentially.

If you require an explanation less woowoo, perhaps the following is easier to swallow.

Intuition is the result of all that YOU have seen, heard and experienced in life, including that which you didn’t know you were seeing at a conscious level at the time you experienced it.

(Oh well I tried!)

Yet despite how we may all have experienced intuition on some level. Intuition is NOT supposed to happen haphazardly. You are not supposed to just have sparks of intuition at specific decision making times in your life.

Our connection to intuition is meant to be accessible at ALL times….

….When we choose to live or lives connected to our true creative force, our ability to manifest what we were born to BE, magnifies.

We ALL have something unique to offer ~ something that the world needs and wants.

With your intuition and unwavering conviction YOU have the ability to be so much bigger than you could ever have first imagined.

If you feel able, I’d love to hear about a time when you experienced a sense of intuition that made you make what seemed like an irrational decision actually turn out to be one of the best decisions ever, please leave your thoughts in the comments below and please share what you read today with others who might enjoy this message.

To Your Simple Life,

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