I’ve been struggling to get into the habit of writing regularly again.  I know there is a reason why I am procrastinating but I have been unable to break it down.  It might be the fear of starting over, of no-one reading my work, what people might think, or some other reason,  who knows?

So I have decided to do the one thing that will stop me procrastinating once and for all.  I’m going to write everyday. I’m going to write no less than 600 words on whatever pops in to my head.  It will likely be about woo woo stuff and self development and the law of attractions, journalling or some other journey I’m on.  But I am just going to do it and see what happens!

I am going to trust in the Universe that it will provide me with a constant flow of material to share with others.  On some days the information that flows from me might not be for anyone else but myself.  But I know the only way to really get back into the habit again, to quote Nike. Is to just do it.

It seems utterly crazy that someone who was renowned for writing everyday suddenly just fell off the writing truck. It seems that I’ve been running after that truck now, for almost two years.  Well my friends; Maybe I don’t want to jump back on that truck anymore.  Maybe that truck has gone forever.  Maybe it’s gone to pick up some other soul.  Maybe I am supposed to jump aboard a unicorn or two instead?

The silly thing is, I have got down to 261 words just now and it’s taken me exactly 5 minutes. Hardly no time at all.  I am going to make a conscious effort to utilise my time well. When I find myself sitting in chair watching TV or playing a game on my phone I am going to say these words.

“How you do anything is how you do everything”

What I mean by that is this.  Choosing how we act out our lives on a task by task, day by day basis, is how we are subconsciously planning to play out the rest of our lives.  When we eat the full packet of biscuits in one sitting.  We are saying it’s OK to be greedy and that this is acceptable.

When we play games on our phone all day long, we are saying, it’s OK to waste our time on brain numbing activities. When we show up late to meet a friend we are saying, it’s OK to treat my friends like that.

Don’t get me wrong we all do things we might not be totally happy with.  We all have days when we are just too tired, or fed up or miserable to lift a finger.  Believe me I’ve had my fair share.  But from this point on, I’d really like to have more control of the number of those days I have like that because they aren’t really moving me forward in any positive way.

Today when i’m feeling like I can’t be bothered or that it’s not worth it, or no one will read my stuff. I am going to say I’m going to do it anyway.  What happens after that is up to the Universe. But I’m going to do my best and continue to show up the way I would be proud to see myself show up every day feeling like I did things in the best possible way.

And now as I draw to a close and have 30 words left to write.  I trust in the Universe to help me show up again tomorrow. Being my best self, to provide me with subjects to write about, for people to meet, for writer to read.  For new adventures and anything else that would chose to show up.

Last night as I journalled I wrote in my book that i would create a daily habit and write effortlessly and freely.   Today I am living my journalled words and I am grateful that I have been able to make this step forward.

Have you been procrastinating for a while? Has something been stopping you from showing up in your destined reality?  Have you recently overcome your fears?  Please leave your comments below and share this post with others if it has helped in anyway or you have found this post useful.

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