When I accept what is, I am free.

Grateful for my circumstance and whatever that may be.

No more personal pressure on what I think life should be.

Instead a fearless happiness that everything is free.Love and Gratitude

The feeling overwhelms me, the warmth it brings is joy.

A joy I can but fathom like a new born baby boy.

A bundle full of what may be. A chance to see the good.

Opportunities to shout about the world, the way the universe says I should.

Where some would see the fallen leaves as an end to this year’s youth.

Grateful ones see nature’s signs to understand the truth,

Of new beginnings, new adventure and fireside retreats.

Time together having fun, and family time and meets.

Gratitude, is always being grateful for your personal lot,

For when we love our little things, the more of them we’ve got.

Wholeness, contentment; warmth, joy and more.

Be positive for what you do have and don’t want for what you’ve not!

Be grateful for your everything’s. From clean air to the riches.

Keep replenishing your pot of gold ’til it’s time for new [soul] adventures.

Beth Hewitt
October 2015

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