Falling out of love with the Ego

The Ego or ‘Egoic mind’ as Eckhart Tolle puts it. Is our false self. It is a self made up of ideas and thoughts, concepts and labels.

I am female, male, short, tall, pretty, ugly, loved, unloveable.

Start by asking ‘Who am I?’

When we peel back the layers we all have, we realise that underneath it all, there is nothing.

And yet you can feel that this nothing, is actually something. It’s hard to conceive with the human mind what this nothingness is, and so you’ll sometime hear it described as different things like the soul, consciousness or essence.

It is neither male or female. It encompasses our body, but it is not our body and it is always there whether we are aware of it or not.

So back to the ego….

How is it then, that we place so much emphasis on being a servant to the ego? The ego, a made up self, that defines ‘us’ in the outside world. The self that others describe us as, the self that drives or personalities?

We all have an ego but some people, will be more dedicated to it than others. When we start to detach ourselves from ego, we realise that we are capable of being far more than a set of made up labels.

But to become detached, requires us to fall out of love with the ego and everything that it represents. Especially if you have built your world around it. So simply switching off the ego one day could be an incredibly difficult to do.

In fact, we can never totally switch off the ego, we can merely choose to dim it’s light.

But if you are able, to place your focus on consciousness rather than ego, you will start to feel more at ease with the comings and goings of life.

Focusing on consciousness is really not as difficult as you’ve been lead to believe.

You just have to start to ‘notice’.

You can start by noticing the little things, like the noises in your immediate surroundings….Can you hear the bird in the tree, the children playing or the rumbling engine of the train.

Can you feel the weight of your tired feet, the twitches of your body, Can you feel the texture of your clothes, the softness of the blanket, the sturdyness of the tree trunk.

Can you smell the scent of the candle, the smell of the soup, the smell of a fresh spring morning.

Can you see the the buds on the trees, the detail of the painting, the majesty of the architecture.

When you notice ‘things’, you are focused on the essence of being, which in turn means we are less connected to ego.

Ironically, the goal of the ego is to be noticed and feel special. This goal keeps the ego intact and yet the more we notice other things, the less we see the ego at all.

When we stop striving and just allow ourselves to be, we get what we were looking for all along. Peace and contentment

How do you feel about the connection we have to both ego and soul. Are you aware of the different sensations that make up both.  If you feel able please leave your thoughts in the comments below and please share with your friends and followers if you think they would like this post too.

To Your Think Simple Life.

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