The ability to understand your own and other people’s emotions, is akin to being provided with a map of the world.

What do I mean by this?

I simply mean, when you understand what makes you think and feel in such a way, and when you can understand how others are also thinking and feeling; you can make choices and decisions that are more informed, helping you to interact better with those around you.

If you could consciously understand the body language of a colleague, if you could instinctively feel that a family member is feeling low. If you could accurately deduce the impact a particular course of action would have on others – how differently would you approach your next step?

Emotions are as much a part of who you are as the rest of your biological makeup. Emotional Intelligence therefore, encompasses not only your understanding of yourself, but of other people around you as well.

One way to practice understanding the emotions of others, is to understand your own emotional patterns and emotional triggers in yourself.  You have been blessed with the ability to practice emotional Intelligence on a daily basis – with yourself as the subject!!

The meaning and patterns behind different people’s emotions is incredibly varied, and it’s best not to jump to any conclusions. People have a myriad of circumstances taking place behind closed doors. Emotional intelligence therefore allows you to pick up on these silent signs and queues.

To this end, emotional intelligence and empathy go hand in hand. As you develop these skills, you will start to look at situations from different perspectives. You’ll be able to see larger pictures. As a result, when you outwardly display even subliminally that you empathize with another, even when you don’t fully appreciate the magnitude of a person’s circumstances. The other person will start to view you in a different way.

Emotional Intelligence is like this unwritten, unspoken language of intuition. In previous jobs, I was frequently put in positions where I would have to rebuild strained relationships. Many times this was in a highly charged political setting, with senior directors and politicians. Over time those in authority started to view me and trust me as someone that had their interests at heart. In most circumstances, I was not on either side, but was actually just acting as the non political piggy in the middle.

But my point is, when others see you in this light. You possess a magical ability to diffuse the most challenging of situations. You can begin to look at the situation from the perspective of others and you have the ability to grasp things fully.

What are your thoughts on emotional intelligence? Do you think you can learn how to be more emotionally intelligent?  If you feel able to, please leave your thoughts in the comment section below and if you have found this post interesting, please share it with your friends and followers.

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