Before the curtains raise.

Such planning and detail has been placed upon your soul.

The stage is set, purveyors seated.

Script written with space to improvise.

Actors agreed to play the many roles .

Are you ready for your debut?

Are you ready to be centre stage and for the lights to shine upon you?

Not long until you meet your leading lady.

She is waiting for you…

…with open arms.

But fear not,

Should you lose your place or forget your lines.

We will catch you.

Your understudy waiting in the wings.

She knows the script,

Just like you do

But you have have a lifetime to remember.

Stage fright inevitable as you move from scene to scene.

And when comes the praise for your magnificent performance,

Remember your humble beginnings.

Refrain from seeking stars around your name.

For when the show has been around, with differing scenery, storylines and more – your leading lady will take your hand and ask you to take a bow.

The curtains will close,

Applause will ensue.

A sense of purpose fulfilled;

The lights go down, the script complete.

It’s time for your Encore

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