It’s hardly surprising that many people choose to live a life that doesn’t fulfil their potential.  Most people from a very young age are taught to be realistic and predictable.  To follow a path that so many people before and after them will also do…


School > College > University > Career > Married > Kids > Retire > The End!!


Over our lifetime limited beliefs become the norm.  Our beliefs and normal everyday life become acceptable.  Often our families, friends teachers start to reinforce the limiting beliefs.  Not in an underhand or horrible way.  But in a sleepwalking normal kind of way.


Realistic and predictable becomes the order of the day, slowly slipping away from who we are supposed to be.  Who we were born to be.


Yet, there was nothing realistic about Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King or Joan of Arc!  (Totally random selection!)


They were all unrealistic and unpredictable.  But yet they made some of incredible ripples in their lives and the lives of others.  Unpredictable and unrealistic people, take chances, see opportunities and walk down untrodden paths to create their own.


So I ask you this. –  Why would you ever want to be realistic and predictable?  Why would you not want to be a little bit bolder when there is so much more to be gained.  I’m not dismissing the fact that some people are incredibly happy being realistic.  They are fulfilled by the predictability and routine of their lives.  It is satisfying and content.


Dream BigBut…


If you have even a tiny big of tugging on your heart that there is more for you in this life time.  If you are even a teenyweeny bit determined to make some changes to your current situation then why would you not want to dream a little or a lot bigger.

The greatest danger for most of us, is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.  Michaelangelo.

Dreaming big will allow you to:

  1. Follow your dream!
  2. Fulfill your deepest desires
  3. Become a better version of yourself
  4. Connect to your higher self
  5. Have direction
  6. Become a leader
  7. Inspire others
  8. Achieve more
  9. Meet more inspiring people
  10. Have a real sense of achievement


As part of the Journalling e-book, I explain how you can ‘dream big’.  Journalling is a really easy and safe way to allow your dreams to develop and grow legs in safe environment.  Have a go at listing some really big ambitions. Things that you might feel really strange writing down.  But the more that you do them the easier it will become.


Things like…


1.)  I’m an international best selling author of 20 books
2.)  I’m the CEO of an award winning business
3.)  I’ve been asked to deliver a TED talk.


Might sound icky, but thinking big, however absurd, starts to get your cogs turning, your imagination flowing and might just ultimately set you off in a whole new direction.


How do you feel about dreaming big? Why not post something outlandish in the comments below.  If you have enjoyed this post please share it with your friends and followers.


To Your Think Simple Life Success,