Thinking Simple Changes Things

Why I’m Going Back to School

Tastylia France I’m starting The Simple Blogging Network up again after a 2 and a bit years hiatus and I’m scared of a trillion different things. I’ve been having thoughts like… What if no-one likes me anymore. What if no-one reads my… Continue Reading →

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Don’t let anyone stop you from living your dreams

free us dating sites Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something.  As much as we sabotage our own strides forward through procrastination.  Other people will try to sabotage our advancements as well.  Yesterday I made a conscious effort to soldier forward with… Continue Reading →

How you do anything, is how you do everything

go here I’ve been struggling to get into the habit of writing regularly again.  I know there is a reason why I am procrastinating but I have been unable to break it down.  It might be the fear of starting over, of… Continue Reading →

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Be Unrealistic and Unpredictable

click It’s hardly surprising that many people choose to live a life that doesn’t fulfil their potential.  Most people from a very young age are taught to be realistic and predictable.  To follow a path that so many people before and… Continue Reading →

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I Surrender I Surrender I lay down. I let your infinite knowledge and wisdom envelope me, I turn my palms up to you. I trust you – Implicitly There is nothing I would not trust you with. I know you have my… Continue Reading →

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Make a Habit of It Make a Habit of It There has been a lot of research about habits; everything from, how to form a habit that sticks!  To how long it takes to make a habit a regular thing.   You might have heard various… Continue Reading →


follow url Gratitude When I accept what is, I am free. Grateful for my circumstance and whatever that may be. No more personal pressure on what I think life should be. Instead a fearless happiness that everything is free. The feeling overwhelms… Continue Reading →

Before the Curtains Raiseالخيارات-الثنائية-شباك-الصيد-استراتيجية Before the curtains raise. Such planning and detail has been placed upon your soul. The stage is set, purveyors seated. Script written with space to improvise. Actors agreed to play the many roles . Are you ready for your debut?… Continue Reading →

Path of Least Resistance The Path of Least Resistance Have you ever noticed, how the things you want the most in life, are often the things most difficult to attain. They are normally big things, maybe huge life changing circumstances that need to shift. It might take weeks,… Continue Reading →

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